Josiah Connor – Origins: Count the Stars

Good evening, church. How are we doing this evening? Who’s excited to be in church? Who needs somebody else to be excited for them? Regardless of what brought you here, we are glad to be with you. It’s also nice to be with you people who are seeking the higher things and not concerning themselves with the lesser things like football and it’s only a game when you move, it’s only a game. We have a place for everyone, even Hawthorne supporters. They have a place; it’s called outside. And you guys, it’s so nice to have you all here. And it’s great.
This week, actually, we’re launching a new series at CityLife. Some of you might remember – who remembers our Origins series last year? We went through the Book of Genesis the first 12 chapters and just had a look at the start of the Bible and the stories and how they actually speak to us. I’m excited this week to be launching a series that’s going to go across September that’s going to look at the rest of the Book of Genesis and some of these character’s lives who have led such incredible stories, who have such an incredible example for us all. We’re going to look at Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. And I trust that as we look at these characters that they’re more than just stories. They’re not just nice little things for us to highlight.

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